Aman Rathod

Professional Bodybuilder | Valiant Brand Ambassador

Quote 1
"Bodybuilding is not only my passion it's my Life & Attitude "


Aman Rathod is Brand ambassador for valiant world wide & Professional bodybuilder.He has participated in many professional bodybuilding championship and won many of them. Also he train thousands of people’s according to their goals. He also won Mr Vadodara Title

Aman Rathod is also a former valiant cricketer in 2011-2014. He is star performer in valiant cricket tournaments.He also a part of first ever valiant premier League (VPL)season -1 in 2014 which was broadcast live on DD National Sports Channel. Many Indian celebrities are connected with VPL ex Rahul Roy, Meet brothers, Stebin Ben etc.

Aman Rathod is face of valiant world wide. And Became brand ambassador for Vadodara

Apart from Brand ambassador for valiant world wide. Aman Rathod won title of Mr Vadodara in bodybuilding. He is well known name in bodybuilding & In valiant family.